Photos of Dholka

These photos are courtesy of Rashida Tewarson (who is Hussonally’s great-granddaughter, related to him through his first wife. Their daughter, Wazira, had a son, Embrahim, who was her father). All photos taken January 2015. The captions are slightly edited versions of descriptions Rashida wrote.


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“This is the Hussonali N Vernacular School established in 1928. The Montessori School was established in 1924. The Madrasah Burhania was established in 1927. This school is the first building right inside the Voharwad – which is a small community of Bohras that live on a two block street.”

side door.JPG

“One of the side exit doors in our Voharwad which leads to the local street. It has a huge door in the front and at the back and was locked in times of danger. In the early 1900’s, there were outlaws  – Bhils- who came on camels and horses and looted the people of Dholka.”


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“This is a H N Hall across the Masjid where people go for meals after community events.”

“School kids from the Middle School which is beside the High School. The HN High School’s principal is Anees Dholkawala.”


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“Principal Anees Dholkawala discussing the need for a water pump with Dr. Gulamali and
Husaina Rangwala (who were visiting from the UK).”

“The famous Malau Talau right in front of the Boarding School (now closed) and behind the High School.  The inscription says, ‘if you want to see Justice its here.’  Princess Minal Devi wanted to make the Lake round but a poor old woman who lived at the edge did not budge, her little hut was in the way.  The Princess let the poor woman live there.  This story has become very famous in the state of Gujurat.”

“Khan Masjid close by.”

“A beautiful Masjid in town which has historic designation.”

“The famous Bus Station and the Train Station.” That’s Rashida in the final photo!